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Puppies “F” 2019

July 7, 2019 Puppies were born from a beautiful couple. 8 girls and 2 boys.
In the pedigree unique blood of South Africa, Kenya, Australia, France, Sweden!
Pre-reservation is open !!!

Father: Deyonga Jedai Force (Banderos)
(WW-2018, INT.Ch Deyonga Dakaray Ma-Dutu & jWW-2012, INT. Ch Deyonga Asita Shauri)
Champion of Estonia, Junior European Champion, Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Poland
HD – A / A, ED – 00, Hemophilia N / N, MD N / N, B-locus B / B, D-locus D / D, Epilepsy (JME) N / N

Mother: Kiswahili Ridgeback Abigail Be Queen
(Podarok iz Afriki Everest Nef & Red Hot Line Cherri Sweet)
Granddaughter of two-time World Champion.
Winner of the European Championship 2017, Candidate for Inter Champions, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Moldova, Grand Junior Champion of Moldova, Champion club of Moldova, Junior Champion Bessarabia.
HD – A / A, ED – 00, Hemophilia N / N, MD N / N, B-locus B / B, D-locus D / d, Epilepsy (JME) N / N

Gallery of puppies

Little kids


Sold – Green girl

Sold – Brown girl

Sold – Red girl

Sold – Orange girl

Sold – Pink girl

Sold – Grey girl

Sold – Purple girl

Sold – Blue boy

Sold – Sky boy

Sold – Yellow girl

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